Why Sunplast
  • State of the art manufacturing facility with single flow system.
  • State of the art preventive Tool Room with latest Machinery.
  • Robotic ejection of parts on big tonnage Moulding machines.
  • Capable of rapid development of parts for our business partners.
  • We have excellent in house part testing and checking facility .
  • Financial discipline and capacity to invest.
  • Robotic Pouring, Automatic Mold Clamping & Dry Ice machine for mould cleaning.
  • Generated 2 Lac Square Feet area for assembly operations.
  • Water Softener of 2000 LTR per hour for plant & Machinery.
  • 20000 LTR Under Ground Diesel Tank.
  • More than 10 years of strong domain expertise in consumer electronics, 2W &4W parts development & manufacturing.
  • ILO & JIT Basis Working Philosophy.

Our success keys – competitive edges

  • We at Sunplast Believe in Women empowerment. We have a Strong 30% Women Workforce.
  • 100% ERP Run Organization
  • Highly qualified, young & dynamic staff.
  • Agile Company Structure ensuring prompt response to market trends.
  • Clearly traced out action plans.
  • Fast response to new business enquiries.
  • Shorter Development Cycle for new products to meet customer requirements.
  • Can be Cost Effective because of Economies of Scale & Efficient Manufacturing Practices.
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